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The Birthday Tour – Rome

And we are off again! Rome was a whirlwind, not my first visit but also hopefully not my last. We probably logged close to 80 000 steps on our Fitbits and even with good walking shoes, my feet are protesting. What did we see? Everything, the Vatican, the Coliseum, fountains, piazzas and all points in

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52 Photos Project -Week Three “Blue”

When I saw this week’s assignment “Blue” I knew immediately which photo I wanted to share.  This one, my favorite of all of the photos I took in Rome. Like so many things in life, you have to see things in person to really appreciate them, but just look at the blue in the angels

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52 Photos Project-Week Two “Doorway”

  Not too long ago I was for fortunate enough to visit Rome.  It was unexpected, fairly short notice for an near OCD planner like me,  and exciting enough that I really haven’t made a big deal out of it fearing my friends and colleagues might poison my coffee when I wasn’t looking. Once in a

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