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Road Trippin’ Around The Rockies

Time for another adventure, this time my husband and I headed to Western Canada to explore some new spaces and celebrate our 25th anniversary. Of note, our actual honeymoon was spent camping about an hour from home because we were unemployed and broke which isn’t the best way to start a marriage, so a little

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London Calling – Day 7 – Plan C

The original plan for today was to take a train to Windsor and tour the castle. This would have been really neat because of course they are prepping for a little wedding in a few days aren’t they? But we woke up this morning, looked at each other and said “I’m too tired for a

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London Calling – Day 6

Oh wow wow wow it was a good day. Yesterday was exhausting and we slept late followed by a late breakfast and chat with one of the B&B owners about WW II and the German occupied but English owned Channel Islands. Next we strolled to visit the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace where all of

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