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Reinventing The Potluck

I had a few people for dinner the other night, 25 to be exact. So, truth be told, I like cooking for my family but cooking for friends is a bit trickier and it stresses me out a bit. Those meal trains when someone has a baby and everyone brings a meal? Total stress bomb

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Day 3, Flora, Fauna, and a Little Bit of Hemophilia

Gluten Morgen!  Yesterday was a full day and today promises to full and long as well.  The meeting is now in full swing, but yesterday morning’s schedule of speakers wasn’t quite applicable to our group so we went for a little walk instead. The streets were really quiet, surprisingly nothing is open on Sundays and

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Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese, S’mores Dip, Pot Lucks, and Two Emergency Substitutions

September is almost over, how did that happen? I’m am trying so very hard to keep the pace of life chill this fall.  There has been a sermon series running all month which reminded me of things I already knew but called me out on complacency.  Slow down, be present where you are, and rest.

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