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Grief-Father’s Day

In the year of firsts, today was another one. The first Father’s Day without my dad. I was not expecting to be passing this first so soon. In fact the last time I wrote about grief, I was talking about losing my mom only a few months before. But my dad, never fully bounced back

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Bocconcini Bird’s Nests

When my kids were little, little enough to have been impressed by food that looked somethings else, I was just plain too tired to be creative.  Isn’t that always the way?  Kind of like when you come up with the perfect response to someone an hour after you needed it? I have loved being a

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5 Things That Will Help You Survive Back To School and Fall Chaos

Ah September.  Welcome back. I love the slower, easier pace that comes with summer.  The days are longer, the clock seems to slow down and everyone just seems to be able to relax.  Once my kids got to the point where they could be on their own during the day, or even better, get a

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