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Welcome To The World Of Bullet Journals

Try it, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. Your life will be so much more organized and productive, they said. I don’t believe it for a minute. So very innocently I was reading a group thread for people who work at what I work at.  We are a consortium of rule following, organization loving,

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Reinventing The Potluck

I had a few people for dinner the other night, 25 to be exact. So, truth be told, I like cooking for my family but cooking for friends is a bit trickier and it stresses me out a bit. Those meal trains when someone has a baby and everyone brings a meal? Total stress bomb

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The Contented Kitchen-What’s Cooking This Fall

Hey all, I haven’t posted any actual food stuff in a while only because back to school has been busy and I haven’t been feeling the love of spending time in the kitchen.  It’s been kind of hot weather wise, and the days long.  I’m certain that by month’s end I will be back into

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