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Grief- The Top Five Things I Have Learned

The milestone has been met, and whether I wanted to or not, whether I was ready or not, we have passed the one year mark of my parents’  passing.  I am making it plural because even though my mom died a few months before my dad, his death really set the whole process back to

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Reinventing The Potluck

I had a few people for dinner the other night, 25 to be exact. So, truth be told, I like cooking for my family but cooking for friends is a bit trickier and it stresses me out a bit. Those meal trains when someone has a baby and everyone brings a meal? Total stress bomb

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Girlfriends, Gratitude, and Grace

This has been one of those weekends when nothing that should have been accomplished, was actually accomplished while many wonderful things managed to take place. My husband and I, along with a gaggle of friends had the extreme joy of celebrating the wedding of a young couple who are completely and utterly besotted with each

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