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Prince Edward County Wines And Discovering New Things, Part Two

It’s time for more stories about our wine tasting adventures. There are few things that I should clarify first.  Namely, we have not been to all of the wineries yet, although we did give it our best shot.  There is probably another 30 or so waiting for our arrival.  You can only do so much. 

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Prince Edward County Wines And Discovering New Things, Part One

I have been waiting all week to find time to share this adventure with you. Something wonderful happened this summer.  My children became old enough to stay home on their own while my husband and I went away for a few nights.  Gloriously alone. To be clear, by “old enough” I mean that one of

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5 Things That Will Help You Survive Back To School and Fall Chaos

Ah September.  Welcome back. I love the slower, easier pace that comes with summer.  The days are longer, the clock seems to slow down and everyone just seems to be able to relax.  Once my kids got to the point where they could be on their own during the day, or even better, get a

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