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Ghost Peppers, Hot Sauce, And A Visit To the Nut Farm.

Unplanned moments typically turn into the best adventures. We carved out a long weekend away to visit Prince Edward County, catch a little sun and fresh air, drink a little wine, sleep in and slow down.  Perfect weekend and we did just that, everything to plane except for Terry. That’s not his real name, but

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Day 3, Flora, Fauna, and a Little Bit of Hemophilia

Gluten Morgen!  Yesterday was a full day and today promises to full and long as well.  The meeting is now in full swing, but yesterday morning’s schedule of speakers wasn’t quite applicable to our group so we went for a little walk instead. The streets were really quiet, surprisingly nothing is open on Sundays and

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My Savage Garden Part II- Squirrels Are Evil

The last time I wrote about my garden, I told you about the cabbage worms eating my kale and the leaf miners eating my chard. I tried to combat as best I could using homemade bug repellant that contained cayenne pepper and dish soap.  They thanked me for the salad dressing. I’ve cut the chard

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