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London Calling – Day 1

I’ve decided one of my top favourite things is watching the sunrise from an airplane window. It’s always beautiful and it means I’m on my way to an adventure. This time we are headed to London. A trip planned over a year ago when my daughter and I scored HAMILTON tickets! Woooo! So we saved

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Reinventing The Potluck

I had a few people for dinner the other night, 25 to be exact. So, truth be told, I like cooking for my family but cooking for friends is a bit trickier and it stresses me out a bit. Those meal trains when someone has a baby and everyone brings a meal? Total stress bomb

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The Recipe Stash-In My Mother’s Words

It’s March Break Madness and I have nothing to show for it friends.  I ran around all week getting ready for the break, exhausting my resources, patients, and ability to cook.  You don’t even want to know how many meals were leftovers, take out, premade grocery store meals, or just plain fend for yourself, but I’ll

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