Colombian Tropical Fruit Salad

Here is a dead easy recipe that will never let you down and is sure to become an instant classic.

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Here is a dead easy recipe that will never let you down and is sure to become an instant classic.

One of my pandemic shut down hobbies has been to research and try some new recipes, and as we have made some friends who are originally from Colombia, I thought it would be fun to learn some of their cuisine to give them a little taste of home whenever we are allowed to visit again. This recipe for Salpicon, a tropical fruit salad didn’t look like much, but it was an instant classic when I made it. For whatever mystical reason, the juice thickens on it’s own, the flavours meld perfectly after a few hours and it goes incredible well with a little bit of vanilla ice cream. My friend has informed me that at home in Colombia they also serve it with a little bit of sweetened condensed milk.

It’s also very pretty, papaya gives it a pinky blush that complements the mango and pineapple. You don’t even need to write this recipe down, you’ll remember it. I guarantee it. Of note, papaya and pineapple are both good for digestion, so really this is health food.

The Ingredients

  • one fresh papaya
  • one fresh pineapple
  • three fresh mangos
  • three bananas
  • two cups of orange juice

That is it. Peel everything and cut them into small pieces that are the same size, I aim for 1 cm. Put everything in a large bowl. Cut the bananas last, right before you add the orange juice to prevent them from turning brown. Add the orange juice and give everything a good stir. You could add sugar but you don’t need to. Let it sit in the fridge for a few hours or overnight. So good, and pretty if you serve in fancy glasses.

See, easy. It’s a big salad that will serve quite a few people. Would also be nice in your greek yogurt for breakfast.

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