I Made Glue

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In the interest of being transparent and real, brace yourselves:  most of the time I’m making this up as I go along.

For example, tonight we are having a potluck dinner themed “food from a book or movie”.  I picked spaghetti and meatballs from Lady and The Tramp thinking that would be a super easy fit into my busy week plus I had the ingredients on hand, no trip to the store.

Well it looks like my movie is changing to Mystic Pizza because that’s what I’ll be bringing.

My friend Charlene has this rock star recipe for slow cooker spaghetti that I love.  But I didn’t use that recipe.  I went on Pinterest and found one that was basically a jar of sauce, a jar and a half of water, a pound of dry spaghetti and frozen meatballs.  Listen, don’t judge me you can’t be Martha Stewart every day.  

Anyway, the recipe which I will try again, said to cook for two hours on low, but I was going to work all day and I doubled the recipe because it’s a potluck.  I set it for three hours and figured that after that it would switch to warm and be PERFECT by the time I got home.  Well, I got home, my house doesn’t smell like an Italian restaurant and my crockpot is full of glue.  Meatballs and glue.

I’m totally not surprised, I pretty much knew it wasn’t going to work.  I expected it to not work but was secretly hoping that I was wrong and it would be awesome and everyone was going to be amazed at my proficiency.

So what did I learn?  

1. Always have a back up plan for potluck night.

2. If the recipe says cook for two hours and eat, that is not the same as cook for three hours and let it warm for several hours more.

3. Give yourself credit for trying.

4. Ask Charlene for her recipe again.

Anyone else have any spectacular fails this week?

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