Day 4, Still More Meetings and a Walk in the Tiergarten 

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Yesterday was a long busy day.   I hit an all time high on my Fitbit and still managed to saturate my brain with what I learned from the sessions.

The hands down funniest part of the day was when the scientific director from one company caught us taking photos of ourselves with the posters from a competing company because some of us do research for them instead. Awkward and honest at the same time.  When We finally made it to their poster we were able to get more photos and have a great chat with members of that team too, so all is well.  

The big drama for the day was a session that was presented for a new hemophilia product that a competing company had filed an injunction against the day before to stop it.  Unlike love and politics these events are far more civilized when there is drama and the only way you would know there was behind the scenes tension was a refusal to take questions at the end of the talk. Bam!

So, after a full day and a full brain it was time to explore.  The tall tower in the background is what the East Germans used to use to block out radio transmissions from the west when the wall was up.  The white crosses are meant to mark where people were killed trying to cross east to west.

It ended up raining so after a quick walk by the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate I headed back to the hotel and have dinner.

These are all from the Tiergarten.  How beautiful is this oasis in the middle of the city?  It smelled like I was in the middle of a forest and not the middle of a dynamic city.  The light shining through the canopy of trees, streams and just so much green.  I walked a litter slower to enjoy it for as long as possible.

I passed the elephant gate at the zoo on my way back, and stopped for more Italian food.  Home made gnocchi with mushrooms and bacon in a white wine sauce.  Yes please. It’s a working dinner tonight as well with more Italian food.  I’m going to have to try harder to get some more German food moving forward.

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