Day 2 – Congress, German Food, and I Need a Nap 

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Saturday was both great, and exhausting.  Jet lag had me up and raring to go at an ungodly hour, but I used it to collect my thoughts, take an early morning walk, and have a nice slow breakfast that incorporated a whole lot of coffee.  

The courtyard in our hotel has a holly bush, which I’ve never seen before, and a chunk of the Berlin Wall on display.  It strikes me that my part of the world, there’s been too much talk about building walls but here is instead a reminder that we are better without walls.  I’m planning to get to the site of the wall at some point this week.  Also the newspapers seem to be telling me the G20 is going well.

The congress itself started up, just us and 20000 other people.  That’s not a typo.  It was supremely hard to  stay focused in a dark room with lone speakers in monotone voices, but it was worth it to see some interesting presentation and imagery.  Also I learned that there is an Arctic University of Norway, and I kind of wished I could go there. 

Dinner and a walk last night.  Our neighbourhood is in a pretty fancy area  and there are endless shops.  

Last night the  meal was authentic German fare.  If I had a German grandma, she’d cook like this.  So good!  If you know me well, you know that I like cabbage and this was the best cabbage I have ever had.  I’m doing it wrong.  Roulade was tender and potato dumplings were a new experience that I’m not certain Id go through the work to make.  We also managed to try some German lager with raspberry syrup and after dinner brandy.  I went for the quince.

More walking and window shopping, then bed.

Today’s goals: more seminars, buy some antifrizz serum for my wild hair, stay awake.

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