Friday Night In The French Quarter

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My course wrapped up today in time for me to see some more of the French Quarter before sunset.  

I wanted to see the Mississipi before leaving and more or less headed that way first, detouring through Jackson square.  There’s a whole lot of charm to be found in this area.

I didn’t want to rely on trip advisor again like I talked about yesterday to figure out where to eat, so I used my second favourite way to find a good restaurant when I travel.  I struck up a conversation with the sales person at the shop I was in and flat out asked where they would go for dinner.  My goal is always to try local food that the locals actually eat, and while the question asked that way usually throws people off, I typically get good advice.

Tonight, the clerk asked me what kind of food I wanted and after confirming that I wanted Cajun she didn’t even hesitate.  “Go out the door, turn left, walk 31/2 blocks and go to Coop’s.  It looks like a dive, the staff are rude, the food is amazing.”  Bingo! I found my place.

Did it look like a dive?  Oh yeah.  I was completely thrilled when the host/bouncer carded me to get in.  The place was packed and by the time I left there was a lineup to get in.  Good classic rock playing in the background and let’s be honest, dive suited it perfectly.  

Was the food good?  Oh yeah.  I ordered the taste plate which came with gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice, shrimp, and Cajun fried chicken.  A seasonal brew from a Louisiana brewery was a nice addition.  Fast, good food, lower price, and the staff weren’t rude after all.  

After dinner I headed back towards Bourbon street because you can’t go to New Orleans and not visit.  Bourbon street is unlike anywhere else. The whole place is a little crazy, and your choices are pretty much these:

  1. Eat, drink, and be merry.
  2. Make just about every bad decision you could possibly make.
  3. Both

Colourful, loud, busy, festive.  I did come across these awesome musicians:

So good.  Royal street also had some great street musicians, and I found that to be a slightly more sedate walk.

I also kept my eye out for a few more Christmas photos to share:

So there you have it friends, unless I find some bonus adventure tomorrow, which is possible, NOLA is a wrap!  A whole lot to see and do in a short time.

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