52 Photos Project-Week One “Landscapes”

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52photos week One
Promises to be kept, all four seasons hanging in the balance.

Some of the best things are random, and I have happened to discover something unexpectedly intriguing.  While I never seem to be at a loss for words, sometimes I do need a prompt. (Sometimes I also need to be silent, but that’s another conversation.)

The 52 Photos project is, in  a nutshell a series of weekly photograph assignments with pre-determined prompts.  Please take a look for yourself.  Week one for 2016 is landscapes, and I decided to give this a whirl mainly to keep engaged with blogging when I’m not cooking, or otherwise waxing philosophical.

I in no way, think I am any sort of photography expert.  Probably I am not really much of a photography amateur either.  Life imitates art in that there is a very long list of things I am not an expert at, and that’s ok.  I’m much more interested in sharing who I am “as is” versus pretending to be something I am not.  It’s the journey that counts.

So, here you have it, my contribution to the 52 Photos Project, week one.  A back yard version of a landscape, because it makes me wistful and hopeful at the same time.  Most obviously it’s winter and snow is everywhere, but the rink at the back is far from usable, you can see there is going to be a rink.  But not yet.  Spring is promised by the lonely bird feeder standing guard.  There is no life right now, but soon.  Summer is holding her seat around the picnic table and the garden swing, and really the garden for that matter.  There is no queue for space right now, but again, soon.  The barren trees at the back remind me of autumn.  For a few weeks we get glorious colors in the leaves and then they fall, create a red and gold carpet on the ground that smells wonderfully earthy and crunches beneath our feet.  Then we have the sad and lonely Christmas lights, full circle because the holiday season is over and those lights will shortly be put away until next winter.  Finally, you can catch a bit of color where the photographer is reflected in the glass.  Inside looking out, waiting for whatever is going to happen next.


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