The Contented Kitchen-What’s Cooking This Fall

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Hey all,

I haven’t posted any actual food stuff in a while only because back to school has been busy and I haven’t been feeling the love of spending time in the kitchen.  It’s been kind of hot weather wise, and the days long.  I’m certain that by month’s end I will be back into the swing of things.

I am however a big fan of checklists, they give me a bit of structure and accountability. I’m a deadline kind of person, tell me I can do it whenever and you’ll get it close to never, give me a due date and we are gold.

I’ve been mulling over exactly what I’d like to do this fall with this blog since I did say it was all about fermentation and kitchen experiments.  I would now like to share a quick preview of what I’ll be trying to create and re-create this fall.  I admit that at this point I’m going for idiot proof recipes that will be hard to mess up.  Pretty sure I’ll still mess them up but that’s part of the fun.

  • Sauerkraut: as we speak I have a kind work colleague headed of to the Mother Earth News Fair who  has promised to try and secure me a fermenting crock to make the real deal sauerkraut.  I already made sauerkraut last year but grossed myself out overthinking the healthy bacteria part.  I’m hoping to trick my mind by telling it that anything made in a proper vessel can only be healthy and good.
  • More yogurt:  I’ve got a good handle on the yogurt in a crockpot deal but my work colleague swears that she gets super thick yogurt using her Yogotherm yogurt maker.  No electricity required.  Also, cooler weather means I’ll be using my slow-cooker a whole lot more and I can’t always be using it for yogurt if I want to also cook ahead for the week. I’ve decided to give the Yogotherm whirl because I am fully converted to homemade yogurt now.  Cheaper, tastes better, no plastic in the recycling.
  • Sourdough starter:  I’ve got a few different recipes for making your own starter and then using it to make bread.  We are going to find the best method and maybe after that buy a commercial sourdough starter and compare.
  • No to friendship cake: I also keep finding recipes for friendship cake starter where you create a starter, divide it and give it to a friend to grow on their own  and share with yet another friend plus make a cake for yourself.  Everyone may get cake out of it, but the consensus in my circle of friends is that friendship cake is the kitchen equivalent to a chain letter or a pet goldfish and is to be avoided at all costs.  If however you know me and live in the area I will be happy to whip up a batch for you, but it won’t happen unless you do.
  • Keffir:  I’ve got some store bought in the fridge to use as a starter, so this is on the shortlist.
  • Kombucha:  I have actually never tried it so I have to do that first, but assuming I like it, we’ll be finding ourselves a scoby, learning what a scoby actually is, and trying to make kombucha.
  • Christmas pudding/fruitcake: Straight up no one in my house will probably eat it because they don’t appreciate good food and holiday tradition but I have found a recipe for Christmas pudding that takes six weeks to make.  It starts out with dried fruit soaking in sweet brandy for a week.  I’m also going to see if I can get my mother’s recipe for fruitcake that she made for my wedding.  It was baked, wrapped in cheesecloth and kept moist with rum/brandy for weeks before trying.  Look for these two to get rolling in late October/early November.

Ok this is now a nice respectable to do list to get us through to fall.  I may also throw in some extras, I’ve got a killer pulled pork recipe, plan to make some clotted cream and scones, and perhaps some pumpkin goodies if I’m feeling festive around Halloween and have the time.

Be well friends, let me know if you have a great idea for something that I could try.  I’ve already been referred to kimchi, so I’m going to look into that as well.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, I do appreciate it.

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